About Us


Açık Kart Bilgi Teknolojileri is a group company of ABALIOĞLU HOLDİNG, established in 2014, is a manufacturer of nanofiber filter media “HIFYBER” engineered for high efficiency air filtration applications and employs top quality nanofibers to provide exceptional filtration performance and superior durability.
Our group company, Abalıoğlu Holding has diversified its business interests in the areas of textile, copper, packaging, mining, energy, and nanotechnology. AÇIK KART BİLGİ TEKNOLOJİLERİ is located in Denizli ,Turkey.
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What We Provide ?

We have identified 5 key attributes that clearly differentiate our offering from competitors

  • Better Durability

    Perfect For Pulse Cleaning

  • Excellent Uniformity

    Maintaining Quality Performance

  • Lower Pressure Drop

    Extended Filter Life

  • Higher Efficiency

    Meets F7 to E12 (MERV15/16) Grades

  • Improved Dust Release

    Highly Durable Nanofibers and Extended Filter Life.

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