Automotive Cabin Air Filter Media

Automotive Cabin Air Filter Media

Cabin air filters are part of standard equipment in modern vehicles and protect passengers from exposure to a variety of contaminants.


The presence of fine dust particles in the air can cause adverse health problems for passengers in a car. Despite the various advantages of conventional micro-sized fibrous air filters in cabin air filters today, more functional improvements are required because they cannot capture ultra-fine dust particles. In order to provide a first line of defense, HIFYBER has developed automotive cabin air filter media with nano-sized fibers using nanotechnology.

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"Nano" technically refers to physical size within the scale of a billionth of the reference unit. For comparison, 1 nanometer is 25 million times smaller than an inch. “Nanofibers” are fibers with diameters in the nanometer range. HIFYBER nanofibers are produced with a unique technology, resulting in high quality and uniform nanofiber membranes and coatings.


HIFYBER cabin air nanofiber filter media for automotive applications has been designed to offer the highest protection against fine particles and microorganisms, while optimizing pressure drop and the filter’s life span.

Scope of Application
  •  Cabin Air Filter
  •  Engine Air Filter


Product Series Description Documents
HF-SPP110 series

100% Synthetic Pleatable Media w/ Nanofiber

  HF-SPP110_Technical Data Sheet
HF-B115 series

80/20 Blend Media w/ Nanofiber

  HF-B115_Technical Data Sheet