Tailor Made Solutions

Tailor Made Solutions

Sometimes a “standard” solution does not fulfil the need of an application. For this reason, HIFYBER also offers special nanofiber filter media solutions to suit the needs of our customers, despite our very diverse product portfolio.


Nanofiber filter media is developed with our well equipped R&D lab, which includes a TSI 8130, Palas MPF 1000, Palas MMTC 2000, Phenom Pro, Porolux 1000, in addition to instruments for general characterization.

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We offer affordable and reliable solutions using a variety of nanofiber filter media composites. Filtration efficiencies according to EN-779: from F7 to F9; according to ASHREA 52.2: from MERV 8 to MERV 16; and according to EN1822: from E10 to E12.
Our basic polymers include PA6, PVDF, PAN, PU type.
Our media structures can be nano / substrate, nano / multi-layered, flat or corrugated.


You can contact our team members for detailed information and proposal requests.