Hifyber Partners with Hebei FuXin Purification Equipment Co., Ltd


Hifyber, a manufacturer of Nano Fiber Filtration media has partnered with Hebei FuXin Purification Equipment Co., Ltd for sales supports, warehousing, and converting in CHINA.


Hifyber has a unique innovative approach to in-house capabilities of producing a wide range of custom made nanofiber filtration media. HIFYBER is capable of slitting master rolls, laminating to produce multilayer materials, corrugating to extend the surface area of the material, and extremely durable coating with nanofibers all with a dedicated goal to deliver consistency throughout a product portfolio that is high-strength and peak performance. Hifyber can also perform most of the filtration tests requested and required at our in-house laboratory.

Hifyber is part of the Turkish holding company Abalioglu, which has 2,500 employees with $1.3 billion in USD turnover, operating in 4 continents.  Hifyber is focused on producing proprietary nanofibers for various filtration applications including primarily facemask ,gas turbine air intake, industrial dust collection, HVAC as well as other applications such as engine intake, cabin air, and customer specified composites. Hifyber’s filtration efficiencies range from Merv.13-16, F7 – E12, and H13.


For additional information contact Jian Tian  , Hifyber China Distributor, – fuxinjinghua@163.com , +86 316 6151626.