There are multiple factors to consider when it comes to processing a wire EDM .
With the latest advances on wire edm machines customers seeking narrow tolerances and highest precision from machine users .
Beyond of the machine quality and processing parameters , filtration on EDM process became more important .

There are 4 main reason why filtration is so important on wire EDM process.

1 - The final tolerances of the machined piece directly related to fineness of the filtration.
2 - Filtration directly plays role on machine parts wear like selonoids , jet nozzles , guides , flow meters etc.

3 - Wire EDM filters directly related to operation costs.
4 - Correct choice of filter improves the cutting speed.

What makes a Filter Media Good For Wire EDM Filter ?

Homogenous pore size distribution
High particle holding capacity
High Mullen Burst value on wet conditions
Low pressure drop
Filtration fineness
Maintaining filtration fineness on high particle loading
Easy processability on pleating and filter processing
Filtration fineness consistency in different batches

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  • Better Durability
  • Improved Dust Release
  • Lower Pressure Drop
  • Excellent Uniformity