At the beginning of 2018, we introduced our game-changing, multilayer pleatable synthetic nanofiber media to the HVAC filtration market.

This media achieves an energy rating of A+ in Eurovent 4/21 with half the pressure drop of glassfiber media. Additionally, it is glass-free, has no electrostatic charge and is rated 85% ePM1 with the ISO 16890 standard.

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  • Fully Synthetic Composite Nanofiber Media - Eliminates The Concerns of Fiber Shedding
  • Extended Surface Area - Longer lifetime - Higher Dust Holding Capacity Compared to Glassfiber
  • Excellent Uniformity – Maintaining Predictable Quality and Performance
  • Outstanding Energy Savings – Delivers Lowest Level of Pressure Drop and Minimizes Energy Consumption
  • Suitable to Pleat with All Pleaters (Rotary and Blade) - Extremely Durable Composite Structure