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About Us

Who are we?

HIFYBER is a manufacturer of polymeric nanofiber based filter media engineered for high efficiency air filtration applications on a mass scale.

Our innovative nanofibers are produced with the latest needle-free electrospinning technology and used for various air filtration applications including Gas Turbine, Air Pollution Control, HVAC, Face Mask, Automotive and customer specified composites.

5 key attributes that clearly differentiate our nanofibers from competitors

Better Durability
Excellent Uniformity
Lower Pressure Drop
Higher Efficiency
Improved Dust Release

Our Products

Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter Media

Gas turbines are machines that use mechanical propulsion to generate electricity or power different processes in industrial plants...

Industrial Dust Collector Filter Media

Industrial environments which have manufacturing processes emitting all kinds of particles, often expose personnel to harmful contaminants...

HVAC Filter Media

Indoor air quality in living spaces such as homes, schools, business centers, factories, shopping malls and gyms, where people spend 80 to 90 percent...

Face Mask Performance Layer

At HIFYBER, we develope and produce innovative, reliable and biodegradable "Nanofiber Filter Media" for face masks, designed to leave a greener, healthier and more...

Automotive Cabin Air Filter Media

Cabin air filters are part of standard equipment in modern vehicles and protect passengers from exposure to a variety of contaminants...

Tailor Made Solutions

Sometimes a “standard” solution does not fulfil the need of an application. For this reason, HIFYBER also offers special nanofiber filter media solutions to suit... 


Our technology and know-how
allow us to tailor

our production to meet
various filtration requirements.

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